Medical professional interested in human behaviour and society. I like to write about personal experience, healthcare, politics and self growth.

The long-fought battle

Photo by Joe Gardner on Unsplash

What is success

Accomplishment or success has different meanings in different circumstances. For some, it's about a process and for others, it's about an outcome.

For instance, a student dreams to achieve a university degree. He works hard, spends his time studying, and completes the course. …

How a simple triangle can help you manage your life better

In one of my blog, I wrote about the concept of the triangle of life. It’s the way I look into my life and try to balance important things and manage how they relate to each other.

The idea is simple. An inverted triangle. On its apex is yourself. On…

The dangerous twist

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

The pair of balls that every man carry with pride have little protection down in the scrotum. They are kept there for the sake of keeping them cool. But this exposes them to external trauma more than structures situated safely in the bony pelvis.

Apart from exposure in the scrotum…

Dr Mudassir Hussain

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